Onward Christian Jellyfish?

Christian, cartoon, Romans 13, Ephesians 6, full armor of God, illustration, God and Government, Politics, Religious Right, Christian Reconstructionism, Theonomy, DominionismRemember the rousing hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers? We used to sing it a lot in church growing up. But these days in Western culture especially, it seems like the song has been replaced with something that resembles the onward march of the Christian jellyfish…

Possibly noting of the concerning consequences resulting from a spineless Christianity, Chuck Baldwin – a man famously known for his uncompromising stance as a pastor who works to advance truth not only in our communities – but through the world as well – wrote in This Pastor Proves My Point (11/21/13) that if you attend a church and you haven’t heard your pastor oppose attacks by the government on our God-given rights then you need to get out of that church. “By refusing to resist evil, your pastor has become an enemy of liberty,” Baldwin notes. “Wittingly or not, he is helping to put the chains of slavery around the necks of your children and grandchildren. Why would you stay and support such a pastor and church?”

In a follow up article entitled Get Off the Sinking Ship (12/5/13), Pastor Baldwin notes with surprise the outrage and venom from hundreds of pastors and Christians that his statements generated. “I have long maintained that the vast majority of today’s pastors and church members are smugly content in abject apathy and indifference. However, after the vehement reaction to the above-mentioned column, I can now state dogmatically that the problem is actually much, much worse than I realized. Today’s churchmen are not merely content to not being involved; they are absolutely committed to not being involved. It goes much deeper than apathy; it is apostasy.” Pastor Baldwin explains. “The lack of instruction and understanding of the Biblical principles of Natural Law have created a generation of churchmen who are more than willing to submit to the unnatural laws of tyranny and oppression.”

Whether or not you agree with everything that Pastor Baldwin has said in the past regarding this or that topic, the point that he shares here is one that is worth considering. Are we so concerned with what other people might think about us – that we aren’t really standing up for the Truth as effectively as we could be? Look around you. What would be considered genocide by some is right now being waged against the unborn. The family is under attack, our children are taught secularism/progressivism in government schools…the list could go on and on – all while the large majority of Christians are unwilling to peacefully say or do anything about it. If God’s people won’t speak up, when we are called to be Salt and Light, then who will? Why would God want to stand for us, if we won’t stand for Him?

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