Onward Christian Jellyfish?

Christian, cartoon, Romans 13, Ephesians 6, full armor of God, illustration, God and Government, Politics, Religious Right, Christian Reconstructionism, Theonomy, DominionismRemember the rousing hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers? We used to sing it a lot in church growing up. But these days in Western culture especially, it seems like the song has been replaced with something that resembles the onward march of the Christian jellyfish…

Possibly noting of the concerning consequences resulting from a spineless Christianity, Chuck Baldwin – a man famously known for his uncompromising stance as a pastor who works to advance truth not only in our communities – but through the world as well – wrote in This Pastor Proves My Point (11/21/13) that if you attend a church and you haven’t heard your pastor oppose attacks by the government on our God-given rights then you need to get out of that church. “By refusing to resist evil, your pastor has become an enemy of liberty,” Baldwin notes. “Wittingly or not, he is helping to put the chains of slavery around the necks of your children and grandchildren. Why would you stay and support such a pastor and church?”

In a follow up article entitled Get Off the Sinking Ship (12/5/13), Pastor Baldwin notes with surprise the outrage and venom from hundreds of pastors and Christians that his statements generated. “I have long maintained that the vast majority of today’s pastors and church members are smugly content in abject apathy and indifference. However, after the vehement reaction to the above-mentioned column, I can now state dogmatically that the problem is actually much, much worse than I realized. Today’s churchmen are not merely content to not being involved; they are absolutely committed to not being involved. It goes much deeper than apathy; it is apostasy.” Pastor Baldwin explains. “The lack of instruction and understanding of the Biblical principles of Natural Law have created a generation of churchmen who are more than willing to submit to the unnatural laws of tyranny and oppression.”

Whether or not you agree with everything that Pastor Baldwin has said in the past regarding this or that topic, the point that he shares here is one that is worth considering. Are we so concerned with what other people might think about us – that we aren’t really standing up for the Truth as effectively as we could be? Look around you. What would be considered genocide by some is right now being waged against the unborn. The family is under attack, our children are taught secularism/progressivism in government schools…the list could go on and on – all while the large majority of Christians are unwilling to peacefully say or do anything about it. If God’s people won’t speak up, when we are called to be Salt and Light, then who will? Why would God want to stand for us, if we won’t stand for Him?

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A Christian Geek on the Death and Life of Artists

planets22016 has been a year that we’ve lost a lot of famous folks from accidents, sickness and other circumstances due to being human on planet Earth. From David Bowie (singer, songwriter and actor), to Jerry Doyle (actor, talk-show host, and Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5), Kenny Baker (R2-D2 in Star Wars, as well as roles in Goonies and Time Bandits), Anton Yelchin (27 year old actor who played Chekov in Star Trek), Prince (Pop megastar), Muhammad Ali (Heavyweight champion of the world) and Alan Rickman (Actor and Professor Snape in Harry Potter), it always makes me kind of sad and reflective on my own life when these extremely talented and creative people pass on. For many of them, they not only helped bring beloved characters to life, created inspiring works of music, or were talented athletes – but were part of our own individual life stories through a culture that impacts in a variety of ways.

Life is Short. Over the years, as someone who has really appreciated art, creativity and the unique personalities involved in music, movies, games, books, television shows, architecture and more, I’ve seen a lot of talent pass from this earth. I mean, it really doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was a teenager and was also hearing about the death of Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek), Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets) or Isaac Asimov (famous sci-fi author and philosopher). Of course in those days, it didn’t quite sink in like it does now. Sure, I’d day-dream about the future and wonder what might lay in store for me 20 years down the road. But death just wasn’t something that seemed to make as much as an impression as it does now. Perhaps it’s living long enough to see the pain in the world, and friends, family and other acquaintances who have passed on far before their time. Whatever the case, it makes me think how short life is, and that one day for each of us who are still living, our life as we know it here will come to a close…

axiomcity3What’s the Point? As they say, life is for the living. Those who have passed have had their time, and will possibly be remembered for a while. For some of those people that I’ve mentioned, I’m almost certain that living a life for our Creator and His Truth had no place in their lives. Which really makes their passing that much more of a tragedy. Sure, I’ve heard some famous people claim that the creative work they’ve done will hopefully be remembered in the years to come, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. But even if they were remembered for a thousand, or ten thousand years, surely some future society would have their own abundance of works to occupy their time (thus caring little for work done in our time) – or the world would end eons from now and all that humanity has “achieved” would end with it. What would really be the point of anything that is done now, unless it were done for something much higher than ourselves and a pretty flimsy idea of human progress?

Pray for Artists and Creatives! That’s why when I look at people like Stan Lee (comic-book writer, and past president of Marvel Comics) or J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5), Patrick Stewart (Picard on Star Trek The Next Generation) Bruce Campbell (actor from Burn Notice) and many others, I’m hopeful that I’ll one day see them putting their efforts towards things that are truly lasting. And if I don’t ever meet them here in this life, perhaps one day I’ll be able to meet them in Heaven. Sure, all these people have made mistakes and aren’t perfect. None of us are. But it’s never to late to turn to God and live a life for Him now – as well as in the awesome life to come. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to pray for these people. I’ll pray that somehow God will provide them opportunities to live a life for Him before life here on earth comes to a close. Because wouldn’t it be awesome to see these creative and talented people not as lost for all eternity – but as using their life and their gifts to create even more amazing and spectacular things?

As a side note, I get that a lot of people in the artistic community may have some serious concerns, confusion, or outright opposition to Christianity. Perhaps they met the wrong people, they were burned to it through some life experience it, or Christianity just was never lived, practiced or taught in such a way so as to shine forth in a darkened world. Either way, feel free to leave a comment if you have thoughts about Christianity, Christian reconstruction, actors and artists who have died in 2016, life of artists, being a Christian geek, or anything else on your mind. Also, check out some of the PDF resources AXIOM has tried to develop as a way to provide a simple introduction to living a life for God (Hope Flyer and What in the World Brochure). And lastly, be sure to check out my Artwork tab (where a lot of awesome christian cartoons, christian comics, illustrations and resources are available for sharing His Truth via social media and more), as well as the Artist Page (where you can find interviews with great Christian artists)! 

Are Christians Being Used by Political Establishment?

martin luther, cartoon, illustration, progressive christianity, reformation, christian, christianity, Hebrews 4:12Government can sometimes be a tough subject in Christian circles. So much so it seems as if sometimes Christians are more prone to completely withdraw from the subject all together, rather than commit to whatever effort might be required in understanding history, God’s Law, and what the Bible has to say on government.

However, as a Christian who is interested in a variety of subjects (including art, government, culture and entertainment), I’m naturally always interested in hearing what others might have to say about Christians involved in these various areas of life. For example, in Episode 574 of the Tom Woods Show, host Tom Woods had a pretty interesting discussion with Paul Gottfried on Neo-Conservatives in the Republican Party. During the course of this fascinating interview, the subject of Christianity and Christian involvement in the Republican Party also came up. Following is a brief excerpt of what they had to say… (Note: For those who may not be familiar, Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute and host of the Tom Woods Show. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Woods has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, C-SPAN, and Bloomberg Television, among other outlets, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs. Paul Gottfried, his guest for this particular episode, is a professor emeritus of humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.)

Christian, cartoon, Romans 13, Ephesians 6, full armor of God, illustration, God and Government, Politics, Religious RightPaul Gottfried: I think a lot of it is simply the provincialism of the Neo-Cons. They despise the religious right, although they’re good on Israel or something like that. And they do provide the foot soldiers for the Republican Party. But I think they would be very happy if they could pull in Black and Hispanic votes, because that way they might be less dependent on these people in flyover country. I think they have utter contempt for the religious right. And the religious right have allowed themselves to be used so often, that I don’t blame the Neo-Cons at this point.

Tom Woods: They always huff and puff, and they threaten they’re going to walk out – it never ever happens. That’s one thing you can give credit to, is that the hard Left is not just satisfied with somebody giving a pretty speech and everybody in the audience knows the guy doesn’t believe it. They’ll sit in, they will disrupt things until they get what they want. Whereas you get out your copy of the Bible, and that satisfies these people. It’s almost like they deserve it. I mean, these are people who teach the total depravity of man, and they’re satisfied by a pretty speech. What is the problem here? It’s cognitive dissonance.

Paul Gottfried: There’s a total disconnect between their theology and their politics. Their politics assumes human perfectibility, that America is exceptional, that America is sinless and good and that we’re all living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet you’re right. Their religious view is based on total human depravity. I think they’re irreconcilable positions, but they’re probably not aware of the irreconcilability.

To listen to the entire podcast, check out: Episode 574 of the Tom Woods Show: Neocon says Word Neoconservative is Outdated Now. Also, be sure to check out our awesome Christian cartoons, artist interviews, and PDF resources on Christian Reconstruction, outreach and the communicating of truth! Just look through our tabs at the top of the page. Also check out Who Would Jesus Vote For? Have any other thoughts regarding western christianity or american christians? Let us know! Have fun!

Bojidar Marinov: Christianity Cutting through the Nonsense!

Bojidar Marinov, Axe to the Root, Theonomy, Meme, Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism, God's Law, self government, liberty, governmentTo me, it’s extremely refreshing when a Christian leader cuts through all the nonsense and seeks to shine the light and hope of Christianity to a world flailing about in darkness. That’s why I’ve had such a great time listening to Bojidar Marinov’s Axe to the Root Podcast. Here’s a guy who isn’t afraid to tackle some of the difficult, but very relevant issues facing Christians RIGHT NOW that many pastors and teachers are so very frustratingly afraid to touch. The result? A breath of fresh air in some dusty, dank cellar of religious dogma!

The Axe to the Root website explains that, “In theory, all of us know our orthodoxy. We know about the Trinity, about our redemption…But then, when most of us go out in the world and meet reality, we still view it and assess it through pagan eyes. That’s because our modern theology has become abstract, limited to the world of our personal faith, and divorced from God’s reality. Bojidar Marinov’s Axe to the Root Podcast will help you turn your abstract theology into a relevant, applied theology, by thinking covenantally about every area of life, and about every practical issue in today’s world.”

axe to the root, bojidar marinov, Christianity, Christian ReconstructionismAs a Reformed missionary to his native Bulgaria for over 10 years, Bojidar Marinov preaches and teaches the doctrines of the Reformation and a comprehensive Biblical worldview. He and his team have translated over 30,000 pages of Christian literature about the application of the Law of God in every area of man’s life and society, and published those translations online for free. He currently lives in the United States with his wife Maggie and his three children.

One of the things I think is really interesting about Bojidar is that he grew up in Communist Bulgaria, which lends to some unique insight into government, propaganda, statism, political correctness – as well as how Christianity relates to law and liberty. Some of the episodes that have been especially thought provoking are some of the following:

  • Should we have Police?
  • Who is to Blame for Today’s Effeminate Culture?
  • Why is Islam Taking over Europe? Or Is It?

Christian, cartoon, Romans 13, Ephesians 6, full armor of God, illustration, God and Government, Politics, Religious RightYou can also read more from the always interesting Bojidar Marinov at his Axe to the Root Blog, as well as discover more about Bulgarian Reformation Ministries. As I’ve listened to Bojidar speak on a variety of subjects pertaining to Christian Reconstruction for over five years now (having first being aware of him through the 2010 Christian Culture Builder from American Vision), both he and people like Joel McDurmon and Gary DeMar have inspired me to try to use art and design to share the Truth with others! As such, if you’d like to see more what I’ve been doing here on Axiom, please check out our artwork and artist interviews, as well as some of our outreach and PDF resources designed to help you be a better ambassador for Him!