Axiom: That which is self-evidently true.

This site is intended as a creative hub for my christian-themed cartoons, illustrations, graphics (which can be found here) and whatever else I think would be fun to share or interesting to talk about (which may include science fiction, fantasy, movies, games, culture and politics – as viewed through a Biblical Christian Worldview). I’m a big believer that artwork can be a great way to visually communicate thoughts and ideas – especially in the era of social media – and I hope to use this as a way to share hope and truth with others. I also understand that some of what is posted here may not be for everyone – and as such, online trolls will not be given space for incessant ranting. But even if you might disagree, I really do hope we can have a civilized and friendly discussion! It should also be pointed out (so as to avoid confusion), that as a Christian site, we seek to align ourselves to the Bible first and foremost (the applications of His Truth towards ALL areas of life), as well as to that which is expressed in the Nicene Creed.

Christian Reconstruction, Regeneration, Christianity, meme, salt and light, Axe to the Root PodcastIf you are interested in learning more about Christianity, or how to achieve peace in your life, please check out our books and resources page, or click for the following PDF files: Peace in our Lifetime (flyer) and What in the World am I Doing Here (brochure).

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Contact: axiomillustration (at) outlook (dot) com

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Christian, Reconstruction, Christ, illustration, cartoon, Christ and His Kingdom, God's Law, Western Christianity


9 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed taking a look at your blog, and seeing your work over at Christian comic arts! Would love to chat more sometime in the future – or maybe do an interview if you’d be interested!


  1. Hello everyone. Im the director of a project that will use comics to share the Gospel. We are using a picture that shows each part of the Gospel message. This has all the trajectory for world wide implications. Would love to share more as we move closer to launch. Leave me messages at the Gospel symbol on face book.


    • Terry, yes – I’m an artist who runs this blog, although I’ve had the privilege of interviewing several great artists on here too! I do have a number of cartoons and illustrations that are geared towards sharing His Truth, as well as some designed brochures and flyers that are for people to use in outreach efforts. You can find it all on the various tabs along the top of the page (Resources, artwork, etc). Let me know what you think! And if you ever would like to chat about your work, please let me know! Thanks and have a great rest of the week 🙂


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