Prominent Christian Publisher Offers Controversial Cat Meme Bible Study

cat, meme, bible study, christianity, humor, funnyIn a move that set the Christian community ablaze with excitement, a prominent Christian Publisher issued a press release last Tuesday about a bold new Cat Meme Bible Study they will be offering this October. The study, which promises to not only focus on how to use cat memes to deepen individual faith, also plans to show how the utilization of this popular internet phenomenon can entice friends and neighbors into attending church.

“Cat memes cannot be underestimated in their value to our society as a whole,” said Dr. Frank, lead writer of the Cat Meme Bible Study. “From the Keyboard Cat, to Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat, cat memes have delighted hearts around the world. Through our Bible Study, we hope to take it one step further, and introduce Christians into how cat memes can explore the important topics of our day.”

However, not everyone shared in Dr. Frank’s excitement towards the prospect of cats or cat memes being used to discuss Christianity.

Pastor Carmen of the First Church of Tower Valley says that cats have no place in Biblical discussion. “With their overt laziness and self-centered attitudes, there’s a reason cats are not mentioned in the Bible! I see no reason at all why we should be praising internet sensations like Grumpy Cat, who teaches children that negativity and a bad attitude are somehow funny.”

Still, Dr. Frank believes that although some may find the subject matter of this Bible Study to be in question, he hopes people will come at it with an open mind. “Countless hours have been poured into researching cat memes, and their impact on Christianity. In the same way that WWJD bracelets and fish symbols on the back of cars have shaped how Christians in the West have communicated their faith to the world, I think our Cat Meme Bible Study is poised to do the same!”

Note: The above article was a submission to the Babylon Bee a while ago. I thought I’d share it here. It’s intended to be for laughs only, and not to be taken too seriously. Hope you enjoy – as always, let me know what you think!