Who would Jesus vote for?

voteOne of the things I always find slightly funny, and a little disconcerting, is the way some Christians behave when it comes to elections, political parties and even nationalism itself. This seems especially true during that not-so-wonderful time of life when election season rolls around, and people who used to be your friends start giving you dark stares for not supporting their favorite presidential candidate…or worse, questioning their favorite political party. It reminds me a little of those dark days of the time referred to as the “Civil War” when everyone was forced to choose a side, and anyone who tried to remain neutral was often mistreated, persecuted and considered a traitor. Amazingly, that bloody conflict (in which an estimated 1 million men, women and children were killed) involved many professing Christians on both sides. Imagine how the Gospel could have advanced throughout the country had this conflict been avoided. Blessed are the peacemakers?

Or, maybe let’s put it this way. Could you imagine if Jesus and His twelve disciples went around admonishing people to lend political support to a Jewish or Roman leader of the day? There were plenty of politicians, Christian, cartoon, Romans 13, Ephesians 6, full armor of God, illustrationpolitical scheming and upsetting issues regarding the government happening in the time of Christ, and Jesus never shied away from telling the truth about them. He spoke out against King Herod, calling him a fox (Luke 13:32), had plenty to say about the hypocrisy of the teachers of the law and Pharisees (Matthew 23) and spoke about giving to God what is His, and giving only to Caesar what belongs to him – which may not be much of anything good (Matthew 22:20-22). But, we never read of Him talking about XYZ politician and saying things like, “Well, I may not agree with this guy on everything – but he’s certainly talking like he’s going to fix taxes and eliminate governmental corruption, so maybe we’d do well to give him our support.” Instead, what He DID do was call everyone, politicians included, to repentance and obedience to God and His law.

flagStill, I suppose some of this “Statist” attitude on behalf of many American Christians could stem from the fact that nationalism is unwittingly promoted in a lot of churches, with flag displays prominently situated at the front of the sanctuary, and at the entrance to the church (with the Christian flag ironically in a position of submission to the government flag). I’ve even seen some churches with patriotic and military displays elsewhere in the building, which again may inadvertently place an overt emphasis on the temporary kingdoms of man. So instead of participating in nationalistic fervor and allowing ourselves to be used by politicians and political parties – what about focusing on Christ, the only source of hope and peace in this broken world, and working to build His Kingdom, the only Kingdom that will last for all eternity?

In the end, I think it’s a problem when Christians get more excited about the election than they do over missions, church planting, or making disciples within their community. Because after all, we are citizens and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God first and foremost! Imagine what it could look like if we lived like it?

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Game Design: “Journey” and Christian Art

Journey, Game design, christian art, christianity, creativityIt’s been several years since the hit game “Journey” came out on the Playstation 3 game console. However, as I recently played it through the Playstation Now Subscription Service (via PS4) for the first time the other night, I was so impressed by the experience that I thought it worth devoting a little time to talk about this brilliant piece of interactive art – and how it might relate to Christian creativity!

Putting it simply, I think Journey is a perfect example of the kind of game Christians will want to look at if they’re interested in creating art (in the form of books, game design, music, etc) that help communicate our message to the world. Journey, which was released in March of 2012 by Thatgamecompany, beautifully conveys a moving story of a character as they walk, glide or fly through a series of stunning environments. And while it certainly isn’t a Christian game, it’s the kind of experience that is accessible to all – which is what many Christians working in the arts should be mindful of working towards. Children to adults will find this a compelling world to experience, as the players control a figure that works to achieve an objective without committing acts of violence. Journey also breaks down language barriers, as there is no spoken dialogue. Instead, characters are encouraged to help each other and “communicate” through the use of musical tones – which could be inspiring to those seeking to share the message of Christ with those who may not speak the same language.

The game also encourages thought and discussion about the journey of life, and what happens when we reach the end. For example, throughout the game there appears to be tombstones scattered about the landscape, which may suggest people who were killed in war – or died unexpectedly before reaching their goal. The in-game world also seemed as if it could be allegorical for our own world: beautiful and dangerous, but not in an ideal state. And then there are aspects of story which convey triumph and failure, and possibly even death near the end…and beyond!

Without a doubt, this award winning game is a unique experience (which some, like Game Informer, have even lauded as “Spiritual”) that is expertly told through music, story, eye-catching design, and finely tuned game mechanics. Since experiencing this story, I’ve found myself often thinking about Christian endeavors to communicate our message of Hope and Truth to the world. Some have been successful, and some – despite big budgets and countless hours of work – have not been overly successful at all. Sure, there’s certainly a time and place for communicating different messages regarding the Truth of Christ – and sometimes Christians may be required to give a more direct or “preachy” message. But whenever we are creating books, movies, games or other art, perhaps there’s something to be learned from the more temporary success and impact that works like Journey have had on millions throughout our world as well!

God has created an amazing world, and a stunning universe full of wonder. As an unrivaled artist, creator and designer, there is nothing our Creator has done second-rate! As such, I think that we too should be inspired to do our best for God and His Kingdom, and ultimately seek to surpass whatever secular humanity can offer!

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Sanctity of Human Life Day

sanctity of human life day, graphic, illustration, prolife, meme, psalm 139, choose life, abortion, christian, christianity, baby, wombFor Sanctity of Human Life Day, I wanted to create a piece of artwork that would be great for sharing on social media, and convey a positive pro-life feel. The end result (as seen at left) is a hand-illustrated graphic of a baby inside a heart-shaped womb. I also did an alternate version (as seen here) that is appropriate for any time of year. Feel free to share! Simply download the graphic to your desktop or mobile device, and reshare on social media or wherever else you find appropriate. And of course, feel free to let us know how you’ve put it to positive use! I also am posting a cartoon and animated gif entitled “Abortion Kills” that I created four or five years ago (see below, or on my Artwork tab). Both deal with the topic of abortion, and continue to be effective. The cartoon of course draws a correlation between abortion, Planned Parenthood and solicitation by the government (crony capitalism) in America and the practice of human sacrifice in ancient Mayan society. Please feel free to share these as well (when viewing graphic, either “right click” or “control click” for the option to download graphic and repost).

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Designed for Outreach: Brochure and Flyer

bboardA number of years ago, I wanted to use my graphic design skills to create a professional, easy-to-read resource I could hand out when sharing the Hope of Christ with people. I was of course aware of a number of outreach pamphlets and tracks available, but wanted to design something that was eye-catching and conveyed a message that resonated with the people I regularly encountered. I also wanted to be able to have a space where I could put contact information, as well as be easy to print out on a house-hold printer.

As a result, and through the efforts of two close friends, we created a flyer and brochure that outlined the plan of salvation, as well as common questions people might have. We also utilized research found through Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, Hank brochureHanegraaff’s The Bible Answer Book, and Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator. After proofing everything and double checking our scripture verses, it was ready for use!

In the years since, we have shared these brochures and flyers in packets for the homeless, hung them up on bulletin boards and passed them out through a door-to-door ministry. They have been great tools! After recently updating the design, I thought it would be great to include them here on Axiom Illustration for you to use as well. Have fun!

You can find the PDF files for the flyer and brochure at our books and resources tab, or by clicking either of the options below!

B&WHopeFlyerpreviewPeace in our Lifetime Flyer: This flyer presents a hopeful message about how to achieve Peace in Christ. Utilizes the plan of salvation, as well as answers to common questions. Designed to be eye-catching and professional, as well as easy to print on your own household printer with minimal ink usage. Click here to access! (available in a black and white PDF, 86 KB).

ABCbrochureBWpreviewWhat in the World Brochure: This double-sided brochure presents a hopeful message regarding individual purpose in life. Utilizes the plan of salvation, as well as answers to common questions. Designed to be eye-catching and professional, as well as easy to print on your own household printer with minimal ink usage. Simply set your printer to print double sided and then make a couple folds! Click here to access! (available in a black and white PDF, 131 KB).