Christian Star Trek?

christian, creativity, christianity, star trek, hope for the future, artwork, creativesWhat if Gene Roddenberry (the creator of Star Trek) or Isaac Asimov (scientist and sci-fi author) had been Christians? It might be easy to think, as I once did, that if these two brilliant and extremely creative men had been followers of God, then they surely wouldn’t have developed the amazing works they are known for. However, I think this couldn’t be more wrong!

As followers of Christ, we sometimes not only buy into the world’s cartoonish portrayal of Christians as uninspired Bible-reading robots trudging to church each sunday, but we also sometimes come under the false assumption that whatever the world offers up in the arts is the golden standard for creativity. This isn’t to say that there are some fantastic works that I’ve come across in my life. There are a lot of secular books, music, movies and games that I find extremely creative and even artistically inspiring – but don’t necessarily have a christian worldview. What I mean by this is that although we might be able to have political or philosophical discussions about these secular creative works, they’re all based around a very fleeting and even limited view of how humans view their “world”. It’s all ultimately passing away. Whether 100 years from now, or 20,000, a lot of the time we spend on artwork, politics, science, philosophy and business ultimately will either be seen as a mere curiosity down the road or will fade from memory all together.

An Awesome Future! This is why I’m suggesting the need for Christians to become ever more involved in creative pursuits like writing amazing science fiction novels, creating fantastic game worlds, illustrating graphic novels and developing thrilling and inspiring movies. If we truly believe in a hopeful and exciting future where people are saved from destruction and the individual finds purpose and love in life, then why wouldn’t we be motivated to share this message with a broken world? For example, could you imagine a Star Trek type of show that wasn’t just good TV, but actually inspired people to look to the eternal, and offered people the only way to live with purpose and peace?

Now I’m certainly not suggesting that everything Christians create be full of Bible verses and Bible commentary. But sometimes maybe it should. We know our audiences, and are certainly capable in utilizing good wisdom and judgement to know how to best deliver God’s truth! If unsure, pray about it, check your Bible, and talk it over with other Christians. Also, consider checking out fellow Christians who have a positive view of Christian Reconstructionism (and not the cartoonish view that leftists or secularists attempt to assign to this view of Biblical Christianity).

Great Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy: As for some of my favorite christian authors who have written what I consider to be some especially noteworthy science-fiction or fantasy works, check out The Chronicles of Narnia or the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and the excellent Lamb Amongst the Stars trilogy by Chris Walley. I’ve also really enjoyed Robot Wars by Sigmund Brouwer (for younger readers), Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul, Arena by Karen Hancock, The Personifid Project by R.E. Bartlett, Winterflight by Joseph Bayly, Lilith and Phantasies by George MacDonald, The Search for Fierra by Stephen R. Lawhead, and Nate Wilson’s 100 Cupboards series.

What do you think? How does your worldview or the things that interest you impact the way you look at the world? How does this impact your view of the future? What are some effective ways you think christian artists and writers could better engage their audiences? What are some of your favorite books, movies or games that you believe have a powerful christian message? Let us know! Also, be sure to check out our Artwork tab for awesome christian illustrations and more!


16 thoughts on “Christian Star Trek?

  1. Awesome Article! I’m a Christian OEL Manga-Ka and hope to reach people with my stories. I’m currently working on a manga with a Christian theme and want it to be accessible to non-Christians. The story is about a private investigator with a genetic disorder that gives her shapeshifting powers. You commented on my Christian Comic Arts Society discussion (I’m K.G. Adams). Thank you so much for linking me to this article.


    • Hi Karasuthedreamer, thanks for the comment! Your idea sounds really interesting – I’d enjoy learning more about it! Do you have a website set up? Also, we are looking for fellow christian creatives (artists, writers, etc) who might like to be featured on my blog here. If you’d ever like to do an online interview, I could send you some questions and then write up a post about it. It might be a good way to get a little extra exposure for your concept 🙂 Thanks again! Have a great week!


      • Sorry it’s been so long for me to respond. Things have been very chaotic lately. I would be interested in an interview, but I’d like to wait until the first volume is published or at least close to it’s release date (which will be a while). Thank you very much for your offer. 😀


      • Sounds good – let me know whenever you are ready to give readers a little teaser of what you’re up to! Keep in touch – also, let me know if there’s anything I can pray about too 🙂


    • Hey Lionroot, thanks for the comment! I could envision this as possibly an audio book, an interactive e-book (with art) to start with to get people’s interest, and then maybe moving on to a game (board game, RPG, etc), or a fan-created film. We’d need to start out with a script or basic story for at least one episode in order to set the stage. Maybe some concept art too. Thoughts?


  2. Excellent post! I’m very much in agreement with all that you’ve outlined here and seek to do just that with my own artwork! Now more than ever it is important to imbue entertainment & media with ideas that are eternal, to showcase the power of God’s kingdom! Christian artists have this unique opportunity now to set aside fear of the culture and share the Gospel through a plethora of powerful mediums! There is so much out there now a days, so much the Internet and the visual arts offers! We need to embrace all the arts and all the genres, and share ideas that while are counter-culture, are also relatable, honest, and true. We must not shy away from dark, heavy themes, but meet people right where they are at and tell them a story that will allow them to ask the right questions and seek the things that are eternal. I definitely believe that we are fully capable of having Christian Isaac Asimovs and Gene Roddenberrys. I would say C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien are of this ilk as both Christians and nonbelievers enjoy their work, and they still continue strong today because of their timeless themes which are rooted in the Word. So, I’m all for this! I believe this is the calling on every Christian artist, as we are told to go out and make disciples of men. This is one way of doing that! I pray the Lord would continue to give us strength, discernment, wisdom, and love even as we create for His Glory. 🙂


    • Danielle – Wow! You really hit the nail on the head with that! Thanks for your awesome comment. I hope and pray more Christian artists and creatives of all kinds (musicians, writers, designers, architects and more) would shine with Him in all that we do. I always wonder how much more we’ll be able to create for Him someday without some of the not so wonderful things about this life (and world) weighing us down or holding us back!


    • hope1025, thanks for the comment! I took a look at the amazon page – looks interesting! Will have to definitely give it a closer look. I also really enjoyed Chris Walley’s Lamb Amongst the Stars Series, and would recommend it to anyone interested in thought-provoking sci-fi with a strong Christian message AND hopeful future!


    • lampwright, wow – looks like a unique concept, thanks for sharing! I might have to write a post with all the cool stuff people are recommending to me! 🙂 It reminds me a little of a young adult series I read recently called “Robot Wars” by Sigmund Brouwer. They were pretty good books – not super deep, but fun stories none-the-less.


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