Free E-book: The Story of Paul!

pauladThe Bible Story of Paul: Created in 2010, this free e-book utilizes 30 pages of colorful illustrations in order to convey the exciting life of Paul – a life dramatically changed by the Hope and Truth of Christ! Appropriate for kids, youth and adults, this book is sure to encourage and prompt discussion about what it means to be a christian. Don’t miss it! Click here to read! Also available on our Books & Resources Page! (PDF file, 2.8 MB)


Lazy Christian

Christian, lazy, Statism, Big Government, welfare state, western christianityMatthew 25: 31-46 came to mind when creating this cartoon. Sometimes it seems like there are far too many christians who believe a secular State should be helping those in need, instead of working (individually or as a church community) to help others because of the Hope that is within. Thoughts or comments? Let us know!

Jellyfish Christian


The above cartoon was created to illustrate the unfortunate “jellyfish” attitude that some christians might have, instead of living as described in Ephesians 6:10-18. Thoughts or comments on Dispensationalism, modern Christianity, Romans 13, Nationalism, Christian Reconstructionism, Theonomy or Dominionism? Let us know!